Are you a business, household or individual?

Imagine having a 3D printer that can do a lot for you. A printer that takes your creative designs and brings them to life, Any household items such as cutlery, cups, plates and toys for kids can be made. Even replacement parts for equipment can be printed in 3D.

A typical usefulness of 3D printers for students (such as those in architecture) is to be able to use 3D printers to convert soft-copy 3D designs (eg. building sketches) to physical 3D outputs in minuature forms. Just about anything 3D can be printed!

This is where GSGBS Co. Ltd., comes in for you. Partnering with foreign contacts, we manufacture, assemble and sell several models of the revolutionary 3D printer products (and its accessories) while also offering services such as maintenance, servicing and repairs.

Look no further than GSGBS for the real experts in the 3D printing technology, offering 3D printers in Ghana and Africa. We are here to bring our expertise to bear on the activities of all.

3D-Laptop-trans Home

Yes 3D! Businesses involving architecture or graphic designing can equally print out their 3D architectural and creative art designs, new product models, product prototypes, and the list goes on…