Products: 3D printer business

With the help of our several foreign partners, we offer several 3D printer technology products, ranging from 3D printers to their accessories. The 3D printers are originally in the form of kits (disassembled component parts). Although instructions on assemblage are available upon purchase, GSGBS also offers assembly and support services (software and hardware) for 3D printer setup and maintenance. Some of the products we offer are:



We specialise in offering variants of the Prusa i3 and Ormerod 3D printers (e.g. single extruder, double extruder, Migbot, Ormerod II). The printers can make things like 3D architectural designs, new product models, plastic designs (e.g. cups, plates, cutlery, etc.), jewelry, replacement parts for appliances (e.g. dishwasher, etc.), new inventions and creative arts, and toys for kids. With varying types of plastic materials (filaments) available, just about anything 3D can be printed.


Prusa i3
Prusa i3 Ormerod (single extruder)
3d_printers_ghana_prusa_i3-263x300 Products: 3D printer business
600px-prusa-ormerod-single-300x300 Products: 3D printer business
Prusa i3 Ormerod (dual extruder)
Migbot Prusa i3
prusa-i3-dual-extruder-3d-printer-kit.jpg-300x300 Products: 3D printer business
migbot_prusa-i3_a-300x300 Products: 3D printer business
Ormerod II
ormerod2-300x300 Products: 3D printer business



Imagine scanning your physical 3D object without having to use a 3D software to design it before printing. This is the huge benefit a 3D scanner gives you.


Ciclop 3D Scanner

3d_scanner_ciclop-300x248 Products: 3D printer business