GSGBS Co. Ltd., an Accra-based limited liability company, is the marketer and technical services provider of several 3D printer products. GSGBS, partnering with her foreign partners, is the only outfit in Ghana engaged in the manufacturing, marketing and maintenance of the revolutionary 3D Printer product, which is yet to be served to the African market.

GSGBS fundamentally does the following key businesses:


sale of 3D printer kits

– assembling of kits into full-fledged 3D printers for clients

– provision of after-sales services such as product maintenance and repairs, sale of filaments and component parts, and the like


– using 3D software (e.g. Google sketchup) or technology (e.g. 3D scanner) to design 3D objects for clients


– partnering schools (e.g. engineering, architectural, and graphic designing schools) to train students in 3D printer manufacturing, assembling and maintenance

– developing in the longterm with partnering schools, a 3D printer R&D institute aimed at developing new 3D printer models