About Us

GSGBS Co. Ltd. is an Accra-headquartered, tech-based limited liability company that, through strategic alliances with its overseas partners, operates three lines of businesses⸺(1) 3D printing business; (2) KaizenTM business (mobile device accessories & maintenance); and (3) CodaBotTM business (hardware coding).

Under the 3D printing business, GSGBS undertakes the marketing and maintenance of several models of the revolutionary 3D Printer product offering. We do not only sell 3D printers (including kits), but we also: (i) assemble kits into full-fledged 3D printers for clients; (ii) provide after-sales services such as product maintenance & repairs and replacement of filaments & component parts; and (iii) use 3D software (e.g., Google sketchup) or technology (e.g., 3D scanner) to design 3D objects such as product prototypes for clients.

Under the KaizenTM business, GSGBS custom-tailors screen protectors to suit each client’s circumstance and to fit their specific devices (phones, tablets and computers). We also offer clients the opportunity to place memorable images or photos at the back of their devices (we call this “phone skinz”).

Under the CodaBotTM business, GSGBS, through its training centres and local partnerships with schools, trains (kindergarten and elementary) students in hardware coding. Essentially, GSGBS offers: (i) multiple courses in coding, allowing students to control robots, drones and minions in real time; (ii) special courses in 3D design, AR/VR, et cetera, allowing students to design or create in software and to convert it to hardware; (iii) advanced coding courses, allowing students to program and control smart homes, smart farms, et cetera. Unlike a few peers who only teach coding theory, at GSGBS, we connect coding to hardware.